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Many products and services can be bought online in the e-stores, often much easier and cheaper than in  your local stores. The advantages of this kind of distribution are many and the amount of money in this business is in constant incremental. Sell items online is rising rapidly. But, how can you offer your products or services on the local, or maybe, world trade? The answer is simple, open your own online store!


     If you want to sell items online around the world and to open your own online store you will have to buy space on internet servers. Also you will have to buy special software for working with products and services for payment as well.


     A lot easier and cheaper way to place your products or services on the internet market. You can offer them locally, but also to the costumers from the entire world. Simply, become a partner to TripleClicks. Joining is for free and you can offer an unlimited number of products and services in your online store . Become it’s ECA! 

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Joining and placing offers is for free!

TripleClicks takes 15% for it’s service of your offer, but only when you sell it. You simply add 15% to the price of the offer. In the system you set the price and the way of shipping. You can place your offer in a certain region, country or the entire world.

 Are those 15% a lot? Think about it. First of all, you don’t pay anything if you don’t make a sale. Second, you gain all of the things listed above, such as:

♦  online store with over 6 million costumers
♦  over 500 000 affiliates that will promote your offer
♦  you don’t buy certificates and you don’t worry about the security of the transactions

 And third, you don’t pay it, but you calculate the expenses in the price of your offer and the costumer pays it.

TripleClicks is one of the best marketplace for sellers! There are a lot of things that you can gain from this partnership. The most important ones are:

♦  TripleClicks has over 1.6 millions of registered costumers, who can see your offer. It’s like a free advertisement!
♦  Tripleclicks has over 500 000 affiliates that can promote your offer.
♦  Opening your online store is simple and the procedure takes only a few days.
♦  You don’t have to worry about the security payment systems, transactions or security certificates.
♦  Becoming a partner is for free and placing a product or service is also free..

     If you have things to sell, the offer is huge. So far, in these store are placed over 100 000 products and services. You can sell:
♦  electronic products such as software, e-books, templates and plug-ins with all rights reserved
♦  Shoes and clothes
♦  Works of art and hand made things
♦  Jewelry
♦  Electrical devices, PCs, phones
♦  Supplements for health
♦  Antiques
♦  Things for home and garden

and lots of other things that are not forbidden in the list beyond.

     You have your own producement of things, or offer services such as translations, treatments, training, courses e.c.t? If you are wondering where to sell homemade items, TripleClicks is the right place were you can offer them to the entire world. It is the best place to sell things online.


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